25 Days of Christmas: Traditional Christmas Breakfast with Erin Danzer

Today we have Erin Danzer on the blog, sharing her traditional Christmas breakfast with us! It sounds–and looks–so yummy!

My Traditional Christmas Breakfast
By Erin Danzer
Every Christmas morning when I was growing up,my brother, parents and I would wake around 7, turn on Christmasmusic and take turns opening the gifts Santa had left us during thenight. While we opened gifts, the meat pies my mom had made earlierin the season would heat in the oven. The sharp smell of sage mixedwith the meat would permeate the house, making us salivate withanticipation. Finally, it would be time to eat. We would go to thetable, cut the pies in quarters and dig in, always with a chilleddill pickle on the side.
According to my Aunt Sharon, a history teacheras well as family historian, meat pies have been passed down thefemale side of my dad’s family for several generations, brought tothe States by my great grandmother DeRosier. Correctly calledTOUQUERES (pronounced like “two cares”), meat pies are thetraditional French pastry eaten after mass on Christmas Eve/Day. Thattradition is the one my aunt, dad and their family followed growingup. The meat pies would be baked during the day on ChristmasEve. Then after midnight mass, they would come home, heat up and eatthe meat pies, open presents and then go to bed well fed and alreadyknowing what Santa had brought them while they were at church.
Meat pies have been my Christmasbreakfast for as long as I can remember. Now, I share the traditionwith my husband and two sons. Someday (many years from now), I hopeto pass on the tradition to my future daughters-in-law. But for now,I’m happy to share the tradition with all of you.
Meat Pies
You will need (for 3-5 Pies)
3lb ground pork
2lb ground veal
Enough pie crusts for top and bottom crusts forall pies
Salt, pepper and sage to taste
Brown meat until all brown. Drain just aboutall fat off. Add enough water until meat is slightly covered. Addseasonings (I’m not sure on measurements here. I put a few dashesof salt and pepper and about 2-3TBP ground sage) and let simmer 20minutes.
Make pie crusts and line pie pans. Fill abouthalf full or little more with meat. (I add a couple spoonfuls ofwater here to keep it moist while baking.) Cover with top crust andseal. Put hole in middle of top crust.
Bake in 400-degree oven until golden brown(roughly half hour).
For Freezing:Bake 15 minutes. Cool and cover with aluminum foil. Later bake in425-degree oven for 45 minutes.
Thank you, Brea, for having me on your blogtoday and sharing my favorite holiday tradition and recipe. Toeveryone, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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