25 Days of Christmas: Sinterklaas Kaopentje with Allie Burke

25 Days of Christmas continues with Allie Burke, author of the Enchanters series! I just have to add that Allie is one of my new favorite people and new favorite authors. Take it away, Allie!


Ibelieved in Santa Claus long after I probably should have. Actually,when I met my husband somewhere around ten years ago, I tried toconvince him that Santa Claus really did exist. I was, oh, I don’tknow. Fifteen.

Thisfact, together with my love for the Christmas season, contributed tomy fascination with a new Santa Claus I learned of when I spent myfirst Christmas with him and his family, somewhere around three yearslater.

Myfather in law is someone who I love very dearly. But he’s strange.Strange, like me, and as such, when I first heard him mumbling thewords to a Christmas song I’d never heard before, I was intrigued.Intrigued, because I’d never heard it before, and intrigued,because I hate Christmas music. But you couldn’t hate this song. Itsounded so innocent and so soothing sung from this Dutch-Indonesianman’s mouth, and I just had to know more about it.

Iwhispered to my husband as his father disappeared down the hallway,and with a disgusted look like he couldn’t believe my ignorance, hesaid, “Sinterklaas Kaopentje”. Like, of course I should know allabout it, or something.

Needlessto say, the song is quite well known in The Netherlands and inBelgium, and goes something like this:
Leg wat in mijn schoentje,
Leg wat in mijnlaarsje,
Dank je Sinterklaasje!

Andfor those of you who need a translation, like me:

SaintNicolas Little Rascal,
Put something in my little shoe,
Putsomething in my little boot,
Thank you little Saint Nicolas!

Ijust find it terribly awesome that at eighteen, I, the Christmasfanatic, had something to learn about Santa Claus. I think we shouldremember that Christmas may not look or sound the same in everyhouse, but it’s still just that. Christmas.

MerryChristmas to you, from our home to yours.

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