Playlist Archive: Bad Romance

I thought today I would share a song from my Foreshadow playlist: Bad Romance by A Smile From The Trenches. Now, I know this is originally a Lady Gaga song, but once my friend showed me this version, I just had to stick it on my playlist.

Now, I don’t generally do a song per chapter when I write. I tend to just choose songs for my playlists that go with the theme of certain scenes, or relationships. I chose this song because I thought it fits Rae and Andrei’s relationship. The two of them definitely have a bad, crazy romance going on.

Character Archive: Casting Andrei Petrov

I know I promised a character interview with Raena today, but instead (by request) I’m going to share my “casting” of Andrei.
Andrei Petrov is one of Raena’s “main guys”. Raena describes him as a “golden god”. He’s a police officer, a college student, and very charming.
I chose Chris Hemsworth to “play” Andrei. After all, who better to play god-like Andrei than someone who has already played a god in the movie Thor?
The above picture is actually a couple of years old, but it’s exactly how I picture Andrei.
Here’s two trailers for Thor, which is Chris Hemsworth’s latest release. The first is a little more of him kicking butt, while the second has more dialogue.
Next week I’ll be sharing my “casting” for Logan Conner, Raena’s other guy so be sure to check back!