25 Days of Christmas: This Holiday Season by Lissette E. Manning

25 Days of Christmas continues with Lissette E. Manning!

ThisHoliday Season
By:Lissette E. Manning
I’vealways loved this season. Mostly because not only do I get tocelebrate both my birthday and Christmas, but also because I get toshare it with my sister. We’re not sure how Mom managed for us tobe born in the same month, but it’s kind of nice to have someoneclose to my own age who understands me in the same exact way Iunderstand her. Of course, my sister gets to have her specialcelebration so close to Christmas, too.
Amazing,isn’t it? That so many of us can share in such a joyous occasionand become even closer than we were before.
Didyou know that the date of December 25thwas one adopted by the Western Christian Church around theearly-to-mid 4thcentury in order to depict the birth of our Lord and Savior, JesusChrist? Truth be told, our Lord’s true birth isn’t actuallyknown. It’s been said it occurred between 7 and 8 BC. At least,that’s what historians say. Yet regardless of when Jesus was born,it’s still a cause of celebration.
Christmashas allowed us to come together and celebrate this fact. It’sallowed us to let bygones be bygones and to be thankful for the worldaround us. To be thankful for our loved ones and the things we’vebeen able to accomplish. It’s a way for us to truly bond with thosearound us. A heart-felt celebration that can felt all around theworld.
I’mthankful for my family. For my friends – those in real life andthose I’ve met online. I’m thankful because I’ve been able toachieve part of my dream and share it with all of you. Most of all,I’m thankful for the fact that God has given me another day inwhich to breath and to sing His praises. My relationship with Him maybe rocky, at times, but I think He knows that at least I’m trying.
Sothis holiday season, embrace those around you. Embrace the lifeyou’ve been given and never look back on what could have been. GiveGod thanks for being there when we need Him.
Mostof all, enjoy everything you do. Savor the moments as if they’reyour last and always remember those who couldn’t be here with us tocelebrate those moments and hold them close to your hearts.
MerryChristmas and a Happy New Year when the time comes!
GodBless and always the best to you all!

Book Blurb for Stuck:

A world too different from what we once knew . . . all we hold onto now is survival.

Memories of the dead remind Annie Page of the world she’d once known. Renegade forces are closing in, seeking to command the little that remains. Yet she refuses to stand by and watch the world crumble.

Her children’s love the driving force behind the choices that she’s made, she’s determined to make their world a better place. Yet their survival comes with a price – one that she never meant to pay. 

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Short Bio:

Nancy Medina is an author from Connecticut who writes under the pseudonym of Lissette E. Manning. She has been writing since she was eight years old and spends most of her time trying to place her thoughts into order and giving life to the stories that are always brewing inside her head.

She enjoys listening to music, playing the occasional video game, watching movies, and spending time with friends and family. She’s also a bit of a computer geek.

Her writing genres of choice are Science-Fiction/Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal, Short Stories, as well as Poetry. She’s currently working on several projects due out sometime in the new year, as well as her finishing her NaNoWriMo project, The Corsicanth Princess.

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