Character Interview with Michaela from The Sphinx Project by Kate Hawkings

Today, I’d like to welcome Michaela from The Sphinx Project by Kate Hawkings to the blog! I just finished reading The Sphinx Project, and I loved it! You can check out my review HERE. I asked her some either/or questions as to what she would prefer. Welcome Michaela!


BREA: Michaela, do you prefer being by yourself or with others?

MICHAELA: It’s hard to decide because I’ve never really had much time to myself. I’ve managed to steal a few moments here and there since we left the labs though, and I’ve really enjoyed the peace.


BREA:Soda or coffee?

MICHAELA: I’ve never tried coffee, but it smells nice!


BREA: Car or motorbike?

MICHAELA: Motorbikes, they just makes me feel free.


BREA: Rock music or pop music?

MICHAELA: To be honest I don’t know the difference… I’ve liked all the music we’ve listened to though.


BREA: Going to stores or ordering online?

MICHAELA: I’ve not bought anything online before, but Mouse has. It seems so much easier.


BREA: Cake or ice cream?



BREA: Movie theatre or DVD?

MICHAELA: I’ve never been to a movie theatre OR watched a DVD before…


BREA: Book or magazine?

MICHAELA: Book… I’ve seen a couple of magazines since I got out, but they all seem to be about clothes.


BREA: Dressy clothes or casual clothes?

MICHAELA: Casual. I really don’t understand the frilly and lacy bits on the dressy clothes. I like to be able to move around without worrying about what I’m wearing.


BREA: Sleep in or get up early?

MICHAELA: Early. I like seeing the sun rise.


BREA: Italian or Mexican?

MICHAELA: I don’t think I’ve tried Mexican, but I did get to try pizza. It was awesome!


BREA: Which would you rather lose, you hair or your teeth?

MICHAELA: Hair, I could always wear a wig.


BREA: Chocolate or vanilla?

MICHAELA: Chocolate, definitely chocolate.


BREA: Money or love?

MICHAELA: I’ve never had money of my own, I can live without it. I’d take love any day.


BREA: Fly or read minds?

MICHAELA: Hmm, both could be hugely advantageous… On one hand I would always know what my opponent are going to do next. On the other, I would be able to get a proper view of our location and see things coming from miles away. Although it would probably be more sensible to choose mind reading, flight just tugs at me!
BREA: Lose your sight or hearing?

MICHAELA: Sight. My hearing would be more beneficial than my sight if I were only to have one of them.


Thanks so much for visiting with me today, Michaela! I really enjoyed your story, and can’t wait to see what happens to you next!

For those of you who haven’t picked up The Sphinx Project yet, you should! It’s great!