Six Sentence Sunday

I’m returning to “Foreshadow” this week for another six!

           A dark fog eddied and swirled around his body.  Lightning crackled at his hands.  He raised his arms and flung them forward.           

            I cringed as the lightning surged toward us.  I couldn’t move fast enough to get out of the way.  I shut my eyes tightly, waiting for the shock.  

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Playlist Archive: Fallin For You

I thought I’d share another song from my Foreshadow playlist today: “Fallin For You” by Colbie Caillat. I couldn’t find the full video to post, so I just posted one with the lyrics. I may have mentioned this before, but I don’t choose songs for each chapter of my books. I write really short chapters and that would be a lot of songs! Instead, I choose songs that go with overall themes of the books.

I put this song on my playlist for several reasons. I really like Colbie Caillat. I think she has a great voice and is really talented. I think this song really fits for when Raena starts “falling for” one of the guys (I won’t tell you who, because that would spoil things). I think it summarizes her feelings fairly well: she wants to tell him, but she’s not sure if she should–especially considering everything else that happens.

© Brea Essex 2011 ~ No part of this site (written or artwork) may be reproduced in anyway whatsoever without express written consent by Brea Essex.
*Disclaimer: I do not own the video in this post.

Playlist Archive: Bad Romance

I thought today I would share a song from my Foreshadow playlist: Bad Romance by A Smile From The Trenches. Now, I know this is originally a Lady Gaga song, but once my friend showed me this version, I just had to stick it on my playlist.

Now, I don’t generally do a song per chapter when I write. I tend to just choose songs for my playlists that go with the theme of certain scenes, or relationships. I chose this song because I thought it fits Rae and Andrei’s relationship. The two of them definitely have a bad, crazy romance going on.

Character Archive: Casting Logan Conner

As promised, I’m back today with my “casting” of Logan Conner, Raena’s other “main guy”.
Raena calls Logan annoying, but smoldering hot with a heavenly voice. He’s in all her classes at school and he’s extremely cocky.
I chose Chace Crawford to “play” Logan. Now, Logan actually has black hair, but other than that he’s Logan to a T.
You’d probably recognize Chace Crawford from the TV show Gossip Girl. Here are a couple of clips of him:
What would you like to see next Monday? More castings? Character interviews? Or songs from the Shadow Imperium series playlist? Leave your vote in the comments below!

Six Sentence Sunday #4

I’m back for Six Sentence Sunday with another excerpt from Foreshadow!

            “Why can’t I help out a pretty girl in distress?”  He winked at me again.
            “I’m hardly in distress,” I told him, ignoring the rest of his comment.
            “Ah, but there you are wrong.  You are in distress.  You are distressed at the prospect of not being with me every waking moment,” he said dramatically.

Want more? There will be another Six Sentence Sunday next week!

Character Archive: Casting Andrei Petrov

I know I promised a character interview with Raena today, but instead (by request) I’m going to share my “casting” of Andrei.
Andrei Petrov is one of Raena’s “main guys”. Raena describes him as a “golden god”. He’s a police officer, a college student, and very charming.
I chose Chris Hemsworth to “play” Andrei. After all, who better to play god-like Andrei than someone who has already played a god in the movie Thor?
The above picture is actually a couple of years old, but it’s exactly how I picture Andrei.
Here’s two trailers for Thor, which is Chris Hemsworth’s latest release. The first is a little more of him kicking butt, while the second has more dialogue.
Next week I’ll be sharing my “casting” for Logan Conner, Raena’s other guy so be sure to check back!

Six Sentence Sunday #3

I’m back with Six Sentence Sunday! Since I’ve posted more serious excerpts the past two weeks, I thought I would share something a little lighter this week.

Logan pulled his aviators down the bridge of his nose so he could peer at me from above the rims.  “Well, if it isn’t Raena,” he murmured in a heavenly voice. 
“It’s Rae,” I told him flatly.  “No one calls me Raena.
He leaned closer.  “And you can call me the guy you’ve been waiting for.”

Want more? Six Sentence Sunday will return next week!

Six Sentence Sunday #2

Here’s another sneak peek from Foreshadow!

I counted one, two beats of his gigantic midnight wings and then he was on the ground behind me. He reached down and grabbed me around my waist, pulling me up from the grass. I struggled and attempted to kick him, desperately trying to get loose from his grasp. He held his sword at my neck and I froze. The sharp blade bit into the soft area underneath my chin. The point punctured the skin and I could feel a thin ribbon of blood snake its way down my throat and drip onto my new blouse.  

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Six Sentence Sunday

Here’s a small sneak peek from Foreshadow!

            I stood on the edge of the pier, gazing out at the flat, grey ocean.  There were no waves and the sea looked like murky glass that stretched as far as the horizon.  In one hand, I held a plastic box containing my mother’s ashes.  In the other hand, I carried a bouquet of her favorite flowers—pink carnations.
           A breeze stirred my hair, carrying with it the scent of salt and fish.  The fog hanging low on the water mirrored the fog clouding my mind.  

Want more? I’ll be putting up another sneak peek next Sunday. Stay tuned!