Six Sentence Sunday

Here’s a small sneak peek from Foreshadow!

            I stood on the edge of the pier, gazing out at the flat, grey ocean.  There were no waves and the sea looked like murky glass that stretched as far as the horizon.  In one hand, I held a plastic box containing my mother’s ashes.  In the other hand, I carried a bouquet of her favorite flowers—pink carnations.
           A breeze stirred my hair, carrying with it the scent of salt and fish.  The fog hanging low on the water mirrored the fog clouding my mind.  

Want more? I’ll be putting up another sneak peek next Sunday. Stay tuned!


  1. Nice mood. I'm curious what time of day it is… like, is the greyness because it's before the sun has risen, or it is due to overcast weather? A glass-like ocean surface is such a rare thing, it definitely intrigues me.

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