Fair Fun!

My mother-in-law and I took my two boys to the County Fair for the first time on Wednesday. I hadn’t been to a fair since I was eight, so I was super excited! Now, my kids are one and a half and five months, so rides were pretty much out of the question. We stayed in the animal area the whole time. I don’t like to post my kids’ names online, so I’ll call my toddler Dino for the purpose of this blog, because he stomps around like a dinosaur. Anyway, I took Dino into the petting zoo. Go figure, he was afraid of the animals! He wanted me to hold him, and he freaked out every time I tried to get him to pet an animal. Ever heard of the website “Reasons Why My Son is Crying”? I was seriously tempted to submit a picture of him to that website. “My son was crying because he pet the animals in the petting zoo.” Yet, he was fine with the animals that were in cages. Sigh. My five-month-old, L.B. (a.k.a. Little Babe), was unaffected by Dino’s antics and was so happy to be out of the house that he slept the majority of the time.

In writing-related news, my latest release Ouroboros is finally up on Barnes & Noble. The paperback is available there as well. I’m working on the sequel, called Time Turners. My business cards, designed by the awesome Joe Eastwood of Joseph Design and Photography (he also designed my book cover and formatted both my ebook and paperback), arrived in the mail today. The picture isn’t the best, but aren’t they pretty?


And now I leave you with this picture of a rabbit for no reason:


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