Guest Post: Ever After PR – for Authors and Book Lovers

Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie, the owner and founder of Ever After PR! In short, Ever After PR was created for authors and book lovers alike. I have always loved reading. However, when I was in school, I hated writing book reports! Now that I am an adult, I love writing book reviews and sharing my thoughts and opinions on the books that I read. I am so honored when I receive a book pitch from an author asking me to read and review their book.

So, how was Ever After PR started? That’s a great question! When I started my review blog, Beauty Brite, I initially stuck with product reviews and giveaways. In April 2011, I decided to add book reviewing to my blog. I loved it. Eventually I stumbled on to book tours and signing up for a few here and there. Then I joined a book tour company where I didn’t quite agree with the way it was being run. This planted the idea of starting my own book tour site, but never thought I could do it. I finally took the plunge in December of 2011 to start my own book tour site, Ever After PR.

Ever After PR is about honesty and trust. Ever After PR’s main goal is to provide great service to authors and publishers and offer great books to our book tour hosts.

Not only does Ever After PR want to network with authors and book lovers, we want to network with book publishers. Ever After PR supports all aspects of books and the people behind the scenes. Ever After PR views each book as a work of art. We respect authors, publishers, and most importantly – our TEAM!

Ever After PR 

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