25 Days of Christmas: My Tradition with Lindsay Downs

Today we have Lindsay Downs, author of Emily Dahill, CID and the new A Dog Gone Christmas, with us. Welcome, Lindsay!


Starting with Thanksgiving and running all way through to New Year’s the holidays are a special time for family and friend. Families come together from not only the four corners if this country, USA, but from possible around the world.
Over the years families develop their own traditions. Some continue when the children grow, marry and set up their own households.
Then, there are those within the family that might set up their own tradition even while with the parents. I am one of those.
For more than twenty years I’ve gone Christmas shopping, but not for my family, but for those who might not have a Christmas. I’m not so much talking about presents but Christmas dinner.
No, I don’t select a family but let the local food bank or Salvation Army do the selecting for me. The only condition I make is the family isn’t to know who has given them the food. And when I say food I’m talking everything: turkey, sweet and white potatoes, broccoli, coleslaw, marshmallows for the baked sweet potatoes, apple and pumpkin pie.
After I get all that I then go to the baby food aisle and get the equivalent for the babies and toddlers.
My last stop in the pet food aisle for dog and cat food; canned and bagged. This I instruct the receiving agency to donate to the local animal shelter if the family doesn’t have a pet.
So, folks that’s my Christmas tradition.
In keeping with that tradition but expanding it year around, for every copy of my Christmas book, A Dog Gone Christmas, I will be making a donation to my local collie rescue group.
Click in the links below to by your copy and help save a collie.
To request an autograph on your kindle (my author page)

Buy links for A Dog Gone Christmas


  1. Gee I hope that this still works. Just bought the books and hopefully some dollars still go to help the collies. We have ferrets and every year, we pick gifts from the ferret tree and then send them off to different shelters around the world. Then a foster ferret gets a Christmas gift. Have a Great Christmas. I will save your book for a quiet Christmas read.

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