Welcome to 25 Days of Christmas!

Happy December everyone! It’s officially December 1st and we all know what that means: it’s almost Christmas! From today through December 25th, I’ll be forgoing my usual blogging (for updates, please visit my website and/or Facebook page–both links are also listed under my “Contact” tab above). Instead, we’re going to have 25 days of Christmasy goodness! I’ll be featuring different guests through Christmas Day. This blog will be taken over by guest posts, Christmas stories, and recipes!

To kick things off, I’m going to share a family recipe with everyone. My grandmother (who I called Nana) always hosted Christmas Day, so she never wanted to cook on Christmas Eve. Instead, we had salami, ham, crackers, cookies, French bread, and my Nana’s clam dip. So, here’s the clam dip recipe–it’s really easy to make.


– 2 chubs/containers of cream cheese (can use low fat)
– 4-6 cans of clams (Snow’s or other brand)
– Garlic to taste


– Let cream cheese sit out for a little while so it will be soft.
– Mash cream cheese with a fork.
– Open clams and drain juice into a container. Make sure you save the juice! You will need it.
– Mix clams and some of the juice with the cream cheese.
– Using a garlic press (or cut with a knife), squeeze some small pieces of garlic into the cream cheese/clam mixture. Season with the garlic to taste.

That’s it! This dip can be made the day before and refrigerated. You can add more of the clam juice before serving. Spread on crackers and enjoy!

Be sure to stop by tomorrow, when J.F. Jenkins, author of The Dragons Saga: Legend of the Oceina Dragon and Vala: Agendas, will be sharing some Christmas traditions with us! Join us all month (through the 25th) for lots of Christmasy goodness!


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