Why I love Wednesdays . . . Why I Love Phoenix "Nix" Birmingham

When I first saw today’s “Book Crush” topic, my mind immediately went to Kellin from The Chronicles of the Cheysuli. Since I already discussed him in a previous, non-WILW post (HERE) I thought I would tell you all about my most recent book crush: Phoenix “Nix” Birmingham from Pandora’s Box by Gracen Miller.

This is Gracen’s rendition of Nix (Chris Evans with different hair and tattoos added).

Nix can only be described as a badass–he’s a demon hunter, along with the rest of his family. They call themselves Sherlocks (yes, as in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock). He arrives on the scene to help the damsel in distress, only to discover that she doesn’t really want his help and that what he needs to help her with is above and beyond anything he and his family have ever dealt with before. He’s cocky (you know how I always go for the self-assured ones), stubborn and way hot.
Without giving too much away, I’ll say that he tries to help said damsel (named Madison) whether she wants it or not. He would–and does–do anything for her.
So there you go: a guy that kicks butt (demon butt) and would literally brave the hoards of Hell. I’ll leave you with the lovely cover of Pandora’s Box, which houses the beginning of Nix’s story: 

Oh, and Nix IS on Facebook, if you want to friend request him: Phoenix “Nix” Birmingham  He does answer back!


  1. Aww…thank you so much, Brea! I'm excited that Nix made such an impression on you, because that means I was successful in breathing life into his character. LOL @ Kristina…imagine having all that hotness in my head, along with evil hotness. It almost enough to melt the brain circuitry. ;-)Huggles,Gracen

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