Character Archive: Casting Rhiannon Sorenson

Today I’m going to be sharing my “casting” of Rhiannon Sorenson from my new series The Zayin Chronicles. I thought there would be no one better to be my inspiration for Rhi than Blake Lively.

Now, ever since I “cast” Chace Crawford as Logan from my Shadow Imperium series, I’ve become a little addicted to Gossip Girl. It might seem like a silly show for an almost-30-year-old to watch, but hey, I write for teenagers. What better show to watch to help me remember the drama of high school? (Although, I have to say, there is WAY more drama on that show than there was in my high school.) When I saw Blake Lively, she just screamed Rhiannon for me. She’s exactly how I pictured Rhi.

I couldn’t find any good video clips of her “in action”. I guess YouTube is really cracking down, even on clips. Sorry!

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