Writing Prompts: "Princess Pink"

Here’s this week’s writing prompt: drabble (100 words) * A Child * pink
“No, it has to be pink!” five-year-old Sarah exclaimed, stomping her foot.
“Why pink?” her mom asked. “Purple’s pretty too. Or, what about this yellow?”
“No!” Sarah shrieked. “Pink is prettier. Pink means princess.”
“Pink is for princesses? But princesses wear other colors too.”
“Pink,” Sarah insisted, sticking out her lower lip.
Her mother sighed. “But Sarah, they don’t have any pink.” She held up the purple dress in one hand, and the yellow dress in the other. “You have to pick another color.”
“I’m a princess and princesses wear pink.”
“Fine.” Her mom put back the dresses. She was tired of arguing. “We’ll try somewhere else.”
© Brea Essex 2011 ~ No part of this site (written or artwork) may be reproduced in anyway whatsoever without express written consent by Brea Essex.
*Disclaimer: I do not own the photo used in this post.

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