Thursday Photos: Metal Sculpture

I found this metal sculpture one day when I was in San Francisco with my husband. We had gone there specifically to take photos (which I didn’t realize was going to include four hours of walking around–not a good day to wear new pointy-toed shoes!). I really liked the way the sunlight hit it (a rarity in and of itself in San Francisco), so I had to take a picture.

Here’s another angle, showing the whole sculpture:

Pretty cool, isn’t it? Fairly simple, yet intriguing. By the way, I’m pretty sure my husband took this photo, not me. I definitely took the first one, though. If you ever go to San Francisco, CA, then look for this sculpture!

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  1. My name is Donald Branscom.I was a sculpture assistant to Roger Barr the creator of this sculpture.I originally proposed this design to him for the bank in Santa Rosa Ca.I built a model of the front of the bank and the area was problimatic, and already crowded. The area by the bank was prone to vandalism.The idea was that with two legs for support that were smooth, that people would not try to climb up on top of it. The two legs originally would have been the two flag poles in front of the bank.Of coarse now vandals have found another way to vandalize stainless steel sculptures. I cannot say what that is for obvious reasons.I am glad that Roger used the idea but put it in another location.It is sad that Roger is no longer around. I would liked to have been able to visit him.

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