Moira’s Blog 6.30.11

Be sure to check out how Team Promethiad handled this week’s challenge on Escape! You can see it here: Escape: Challenge Four: The Valley of Death

*Warning: This post contains some graphic language. Moira likes to say things how she sees it.*

Sooo . . . Brea’s letting me take over her blog on Thursdays now. I can’t exactly post on my team’s blog, because then they might find out about Toby and me—and that definitely wouldn’t be good. I mean, I’m sure they’ll find out eventually, but now’s not a good time. Apparently the show knows though . . . and they don’t seem to care. I’m pretty sure our teammates would kill us.
Anyway, we made it through the desert alive. I don’t know what genius decided it would be a good idea to traipse through Death Valley in June, but we survived it. Lily whined the whole time (big surprise). I’m just glad the idiots finally listened to me for once and decided to go through it early in the morning before it got hot. They wanted to sleep in and wait until the sun came up. When I pointed out that the sun makes things hot, they finally agreed. I think it’s sad that I seem to be the smartest one in the group. The only other one that has any sense is Will, but he doesn’t say much.
Toby’s team went to Florida, so it’ll be a while before we can sneak off and see each other again. I did get a short email from him. He probably doesn’t have good service in the swamp. I know I haven’t had good service here. I can’t wait until this whole damn thing is over and we can go home. Actually, I think I’ll kidnap Toby and take him home with me. His mom sounds like a crazy bitch. I think he’d like Santa Cruz, as long as we steer clear of the ocean.
Chance mentioned some sort of big reward if we managed to make it through this week’s challenge, so hopefully next week I’ll be blogging from someplace fun! See you later people!
~ Moira

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