Thursday Photos: Capitola pier

I already posted this photo on my Facebook page last week, but I thought I’d post it on here so I could talk about it a little.

This has to be one of my favorite photos that I’ve taken. My dad and I got up at 5:00 am and rushed out to Capitola beach to get photos before the sun came up. This was taken just before sunrise (not that the sun came out–the fog didn’t burn off until around 8 or 9 that morning).

I’d almost forgotten how foggy it can really be early in the morning in Capitola, even in the summer. Looking at this picture, it’s easy to tell why my character Raena is afraid of the pier, even if you don’t factor in her nightmares.

This photo will most likely end up on my website as the backsplash/header. I’ll see what my husband decides, since he’s the one building my website.

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Playlist Archive: Bad Romance

I thought today I would share a song from my Foreshadow playlist: Bad Romance by A Smile From The Trenches. Now, I know this is originally a Lady Gaga song, but once my friend showed me this version, I just had to stick it on my playlist.

Now, I don’t generally do a song per chapter when I write. I tend to just choose songs for my playlists that go with the theme of certain scenes, or relationships. I chose this song because I thought it fits Rae and Andrei’s relationship. The two of them definitely have a bad, crazy romance going on.

Fun Fact Friday: Similarities

Today kicks off Fun Fact Friday, where I’ll be posting various facts about my books, my research, and myself.
A lot of the time, an author’s different characteristics will find their way into their characters. I don’t necessarily mean that the author will make the characters fictional versions of themselves, but sometimes there will be similarities. So, just for fun, here are five similarities between my character Raena Davenport from the Shadow Imperium series and me:
  1. We’re both addicted to diet soda.
  2. Our favorite colors are teal and emerald green (although not together).
  3. We’re both afraid of mirrors in the dark.
  4. Kelp grosses us out.
  5. We’re both completely convinced that wooden piers, no matter how stable looking, would collapse with one strong earthquake.
I’ll be back next week with some more facts!

Character Archive: Casting Raena Davenport

Beginning today, I’ll be posting character interviews, “castings” and songs from my play lists every Monday. I’m going to begin with my casting of Raena Davenport. She’s the protagonist in the Shadow Imperium series, so I thought it made sense to start with her. I tend to “cast” actors as my characters, because I like to have a visual approximation when I write.
 I chose Sophia Bush to “play” Raena. She’s definitely how I picture Rae. Sophia Bush is currently acting on the TV show One Tree Hill, but she’s also in a movie I love called John Tucker Must Die. Here are a couple of clips of her in action . . .
Check back next Monday for an interview with Rae!